About Crista

My journey towards becoming a sex therapist was inspired by my role as the director of a local dance troupe, where I worked extensively with individuals of all genders on themes of sexual confidence and authentic expression through movement and performance. Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy in dancing, exploring the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with my dog, Jewels, and expressing my creativity through jewelry making and stained glass art.

My passion lies in employing creative, body-centered techniques to help individuals expand their capacity for pleasure and cultivate wellness within their bodies. I’m dedicated to fostering open dialogue about sexual wellness, both individually and within relationships. I view therapy as a medium for translating internal sensations into outward expression, empowering clients to deeply feel and articulate what may otherwise remain unseen.

Central to my therapeutic approach is somatic therapy, which seeks to integrate the mind and body harmoniously. In my practice, I incorporate various creative modalities such as music, movement, and art, always tailored to your comfort level. My therapeutic values include experiential and humanistic methodologies, trauma-informed practices, and a commitment to multicultural awareness and diversity.