Discover the sex life you’ve always dreamed of…

Somatic Sex Therapist

Crista Reid

My passion lies in employing creative, body-centered techniques to help individuals expand their capacity for pleasure and cultivate wellness within their bodies. I’m dedicated to fostering open dialogue about sexual wellness, both individually and within relationships. I view therapy as a medium for translating internal sensations into outward expression, empowering clients to deeply feel and articulate what may otherwise remain unknown.

You deserve to feel confident in your sexuality. Let me help you find the way.


Deepen your personal therapy exploration into sexuality through individualized care.


Dive into therapy together to expand what is possible in your intimate connections.


Join for a shared experience of sexual healing and empowerment.

Work With Me

I will be taking clients through the Cannon Institute beginning in August of 2024 as part of my clinical internship.

I’m eager to embark on this journey with you, guiding you towards a deeper connection with your sexuality, trust, desire, and communication skills through compassionate and sensitive support.