Crista at the age of four, wearing her first ever hand made
necklace and some other choice jewelry.
Jewelry has been my life-long passion. I began making beaded jewelry at the age of four, as soon as I was old enough to be trusted not to eat the beads! I attended California College of the Arts and received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Metals and Jewelry in 2012.  I currently reside in Colorado, where the changing seasons provide constant beauty and inspiration. 

Thumbs up for jewelry making!  Crista at work in her first studio.

I am fascinated by the relationship between jewelry and the wearer - each informs the other in endless ways.  What especially interests me are the evocative qualities of jewelry, such as the memories and sentiment a generations-old ring can conjure, or the lusty intensity of a diamond encrusted neck-piece.  

My favorite materials are silver, gemstones, and unusual objects that can be transformed into wearable art. There has never been a thing I loved doing more than making jewelry!

Artist Statement
A subtle glint seen from the corner of your eye captures your attention.  You turn your head to investigate.  An object shimmers and shudders, as if on the verge of darting away into the murkiness.  It is perplexing yet familiar.  You advance towards it cautiously, though you are consumed with desire to possess it and feed on its beauty.  The attraction is powerfully seductive.  A hunger grows in the pit of your stomach as your gaze remains fixed on the object.  It quivers, and you twinge.  Swiftly, you move in for the capture.  You have taken the bait.  You have been hooked.

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